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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

How To Get A Girl To Like You

How to get a girl to like you - attract women and pick up girls
If you've ever been attracted to a female, you've probably found yourself wondering how to get a girl to like you.
You are not alone, there are millions of guys like you every year wondering the same thing.
Many times it's human nature to try to do everything you can to get a woman to find you attractive, and get the girl of your dreams to like you.
Unfortunately, a lot of times guys take it too far. Girls need to be able to notice you, but many times they also like a challenge. Humans want what they can't have.
If you try to take away candy from a baby, you'll notice very quickly the natural human reaction.
So you have to show some interest, but at the same time appear to not really care what they think of you.

If you want to learn how to get a girl to like you, you are going to have to understand what they want. It's easy to just ask them, the problem is,
often times girls convince themselves that they want a "nice boy" when in reality they want someone that shows he's in charge and can not only defend himself from any potential threats,
but also will be willing to defend his woman.

The trick is to go out of your way to talk to a girl, but then tease her and make fun of her, like you're not interested.
Then later to tell her she's a good friend and do just the opposite.

Here's a quote from a friend of mine who is very good at picking up women.

If you send mix signals, and are difficult to figure out, a girl will generally think about you more, and ask themselves the question you always want them asking
"does he like me?"
Getting a girl to ask that question is actually the easiest way to get a girl to like you. How?

Once a girl asks that, she will inevitably ask herself a series of questions which results her in convincing herself that she likes you.
It will usually start out with things like "does he like me? I can't tell, is he flirting, is he playing hard to get, does he hate me? no, maybe he just sees me as a friend? Why doesn't he see me as more than a friend?
wait, why do I care if he likes me, what makes him such a big deal? why am I thinking about him right now... do I like him? Maybe I do...
I think I like him. I really do like him, wow, that's it, that's why I'm thinking about him, I like him." At this point from all the curiosity and wonder, a girl will not be able to help but fall for you.
Of course, it doesn't always work.
If a girl has beliefs that short people are incompatible with her, and you are short, you will have to find someone else. You can never expect to get any and every girl you want to like you. However, if you practice skills,learn to be smooth, confident, calm, funny, playful, and various other desirable qualities, you will soon find that girls tend to feel attracted to you.
That my friends, is how to get a girl to like you.

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1 comment:

abi tight said...

While I agree with this in principle, it helps if she fancies you first. There is a time limit attached to this kind of technique too. Many is the time I have heard a girl saying - I'm fed up with his mind games, I can't be bothered - and remember - we have all read He's Not That Into You. Guys, you should read it too to know which patterns not to follow.
Abi www.butterflydiaries.wordpress.com